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Principal Apportionments
Funding from the State School Fund for local educational agencies (elementary, high and unified school districts, charter schools and county offices of education) for support of the public school system as directed by law, Education Code Section 14041. Questions concerning Principal Apportionments may be directed to staff listed on the Resource Person Contact List linked below.

NOTE: The fiscal year 2006-07 apportionment exhibits are located at
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Fiscal Year 2005-06

Resource Person Contact List

Special Education Apportionments

Key Deadlines
An aid for local educational agencies in planning the reports necessary for CDE to determine funding amounts.

Calendar of Key Deadlines Letter

Calendar of Key Deadlines

Calendar of Key Deadlines for Charter Schools
Apportionment Exhibits
Apportionment exhibits provide detail of the distribution of funds by either county and/or district.

Second Principal Apportionment
Funding Exhibits
Funding Excel Files
   Certified July 3, 2006

Recertified First Principal Apportionment
Funding Exhibits
Funding Excel Files
Payment Schedule (Coming Soon)
   Certified March 23, 2006

First Principal Apportionment
Funding Exhibits
Funding Excel Files
Payment Schedule
   Certified February 17, 2006

Advance Apportionment
Exhibits B, C, C-CH, M, M-1
   Certified July 20, 2005
   Recertified October 21, 2005

Charter Schools Special Apportionments
Exhibit N-1
   Certified August 18, 2005

Exhibit N-2
   Certified November 23, 2005

Exhibits N-1 and N-2
   Certified December 23, 2005
Other Fiscal Information
District Reports
Updated December 09, 2005

Charter School Block Grant Funding Rates
General purpose entitlement, Categorical block grant, and In-lieu of economic impact rates for Charter Schools

Advance ADA for Section 75.70 of the Revenue and Taxation Code
Allocation of Supplemental Taxes (Revised)
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