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QEIA Monitoring and Reporting System (Q-MARS)

Q-MARS is the Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) Monitoring and Reporting System (MARS), which is shortened to “Q-MARS”. For more information see the California Department of Education’s (CDE) QEIA Web pages. Q-MARS allows recipients to submit required reports including the Expenditure/Narrative and the District Pooled Facility Funds Report.

Recipients can complete the reports in one session or save the reports and return later. After the CDE's acceptance of the reports recipients will not be able to modify the reports. To modify a submitted report send a request using the e-mail link below. The e-mail should clearly state reason(s) for the requested change(s). A staff member will then review and consider the request and if the request is reasonable the report(s) will be made available for modification. It is recommended that recipients print and maintain a copy of the final confirmation page. For system guidance see the Q-MARS Instruction Page.


Logon Instructions
  • Case sensitive usernames and passwords were mailed to superintendents or directors in a letter in early-October 2011.
  • If you forgot your username and/or password or have questions about the system contact our QEIA specialist
    at 916-327-9692 or via e-mail at
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