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Specify your search criteria in the form below, and then click on the "Search DRG" button at the bottom of the page. You may choose multiple search criteria when performing your search. Choosing multiple search criteria across different Search Categories (e.g., searching by ''Subject Area," "Data Product Type," and "Level of Detail," at the same time) will narrow your search results.  Choosing multiple search criteria within a specific search category (e.g., within "Key Dates" choosing "Due Dates," "Census Date" and "Public Date") will broaden your results.  If you would like a complete list of all data products, do not enter ANY search criteria and hit the "Search DRG" button at the bottom of the page.

Search by Keyword(s):
An entry in "Keyword(s)" field will search the database for a match on any portion of the Data Product Name, Data Product Description Abstract, Data Product Keyword, or Data Product Common Form Names. Separate multiple search terms with commas (e.g., race, ethnicity, teacher).

Search by Subject Area:
A subject area is a category of data. If one or more data subject areas are selected, only those data products that contain data that falls within that data subject area will be displayed.
<Subject Area Descriptions>

Search by Data Product Type:

A summary of information or data that has been compiled from raw data that is due from CDE to an outside entity usually in response to a federal and/or state reporting requirement.

An electronic repository of a set of data residing in CDE or its contractor. The data contained in this repository may come from data collections and/or other databases.

Data Collection
A set of data solicited from specific entities (e.g., schools, students) and collected by CDE or its contractor.

Search by Data Product Status:
Active: A data product that is currently administered by CDE.
Retired: A data product that is no longer administered by CDE.
Suspended: A data product that is temporarily not administered by CDE, but may be re-activated in the future depending on changes in laws, the state budget, etc.

Search by Level of Detail:
Check all that apply.

Search by Key Dates:
To select all the key dates for a specific date type, check the box next to the corresponding date type. To narrow your search to a specific month or months, then select a month in the list. You can select more than one month by holding the Ctrl key down while making your selections.

Due Date(s)
Date(s) when a product is due to be submitted to the California Department of Education.
Census Date(s)
For data collected on a particular date (i.e., a snapshot), the date(s) when the information is gathered.
Public Date(s)
Date(s) when the data have been edited, validated, and are ready to be publicized.
Report Date(s)
Date(s) when the data are due from CDE to an outside entity.

Search By Data Product ID:  


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