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PCA/Resource Detail

SACS Resource Code:6129
SACS Title:Early Education: Center-Based Reserve Account for Department of Social Services Programs
Friendly Title:Early Education: Center-Based Reserve Account for Dept of Social Services Programs [E.C 8336]
SACS Revenue Object Code:8990
PCA Number:10162
CFDA Number:N/A
Unearned Revenue/Ending Fund Balance:F
Allowable Indirect Cost Rate None Allowed
Program Unit:Program Integrity and Improvement Unit B
Program Contact:Vanessa Saunders 916-858-9378
Fiscal Unit:Child Development Payments Unit
Fiscal Contact:Adrienne Sady 916-272-4626
Comment on PCA:Pursuant to the Early Childhood Development Act of 2020 (Senate Bill 98, Chapter 24, Statutes of 2020), effective 2021-22, authorized the transfer of many child care and development programs from CDE to Department of Social Services (DSS). Per EC 8336 (previously EC 8450), if a Center-Based contract ends the year with earned income that is more than total expenditures (earned but unexpended), the LEA may apply to set up a reserve account, with approval from DSS for contracts that are administered by DSS, such as the CCTR, CMIG, and CHAN. DSS calculates the amount that may be transfered into an interest bearing account for future use. See also resources 6130 (CDE administered), 6131, and 6132 for other reserve accounts.
Enabling Legislation: 
Education Code:8336
Budget Act: 
For use in Districts:Yes
For use in COEs:Yes
For use in JPAs:Yes
SACS Resource Code First Effective Year:2021
SACS Resource Code Last Effective Year: 
SACS Resource Code Date Created:10/25/2021
Last Modification:5/20/2024 2:43:17 PM

U = Unearned Revenue F = Ending Fund Balance
NA = Not Applicable
V = Various

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