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2018 Science Instructional Materials Adoption

The California Constitution, Article 9, Section 7.5, and the California Education Code Section 60200 authorize the State Board of Education (SBE) to adopt instructional materials for kindergarten through grade eight. The SBE and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction are seeking candidates to serve on review panels for the 2018 Science Instructional Materials Adoption. Review panel members will evaluate instructional materials for use in kindergarten through grade eight, inclusive, that are aligned with the California Next Generation Science Content Standards for California Public Schools (CA NGSS).

Each panel will consist of multiple Instructional Materials Reviewers (IMRs) and at least one Content Review Expert (CRE). IMRs and CREs serve as advisors to the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) and the SBE in the review of instructional materials submitted for adoption. A majority of IMRs, as stated in regulation (California Code of Regulations, Title 5 [5 CCR] Section 9512), shall be teachers who teach students in kindergarten or grades one through twelve (K–12), have a professional credential under California law, and who have experience with, and expertise in, standards-based educational programs and practices in the content field under consideration. At least one such teacher shall have experience in providing instruction to English learners, and at least one such teacher shall have experience in providing instruction to students with disabilities. Other IMRs may be administrators, parents, local school board members, teachers not described above, and members of the public. CREs are required to hold a doctorate degree in science or a related discipline. Please note that a doctorate degree in science education (Ed.D.) is not sufficient to serve as a CRE, but such applicants are invited to apply as IMRs.

Panel members will attend a four-day training in Sacramento on April 17–20, 2018. They will review instructional materials independently at home and will then reconvene in panels for up to four days of deliberations with the preparation of a report to the IQC on July 17–20, 2018. IMRs and CREs will be reimbursed for their actual and necessary travel expenses for attending the training and deliberation session activities. CREs are eligible to receive an honorarium for each day of training and deliberations that they attend. The amount of the honorarium will be subject to budgetary constraints.


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