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9-12S.AP.10 (Computer Science)

Standard Identifier: 9-12S.AP.10
Content Area: Computer Science
Grade Range: 9–12 Specialty
Concept: Algorithms & Programming
Subconcept: Algorithms
Practice(s): Recognizing and Defining Computational Problems, Communicating About Computing (3.1, 7.2)

Describe how artificial intelligence drives many software and physical systems.

Descriptive Statement:
Artificial intelligence is a sub-discipline of computer science that enables computers to solve problems previously handled by biological systems. There are many applications of artificial intelligence, including computer vision and speech recognition. Students research and explain how artificial intelligence has been employed in a given system. Students are not expected to implement an artificially intelligent system in order to meet this standard. For example, students could observe an artificially intelligent system and notice where its behavior is not human-like, such as when a character in a videogame makes a mistake that a human is unlikely to make, or when a computer easily beats even the best human players at a given game. Alternatively, students could interact with a search engine asking various questions, and after reading articles on the topic, they could explain how the computer is able to respond to queries.

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