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K-PS3-2 (Science (CA NGSS))

Standard Identifier: K-PS3-2
Content Area: Science (CA NGSS)
Grade: K
Disciplinary Core Idea: PS3.B: Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer
Cross Cutting Concept: CCC-2: Cause and Effect: Mechanism and Explanation
Science & Engineering Practice: SEP-6: Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
Content Area: Physical Science

Title: K-PS3 Energy

Performance Expectation: Use tools and materials to design and build a structure that will reduce the warming effect of sunlight on an area.* [Clarification Statement: Examples of structures could include umbrellas, canopies, and tents that minimize the warming effect of the sun.]

Disciplinary Core Idea(s):
PS3.B: Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer Sunlight warms Earth’s surface.

Science & Engineering Practices: Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions Use tools and materials provided to design and build a device that solves a specific problem or a solution to a specific problem.

Crosscutting Concepts: Cause and Effect Events have causes that generate observable patterns.

California Environmental Principles and Concepts:

California Common Core State Standards Connections:
ELA/Literacy W.K.7: Participate in shared research and writing projects (e.g., explore a number of books by a favorite author and express opinions about them). Mathematics K.MD.2: Directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common, to see which object has “more of”/”less of” the attribute, and describe the difference. For example, directly compare the heights of two children and describe one child as taller/ shorter.

DCI Connections:
Connections to other DCIs in kindergarten: K.ETS1.A; K.ETS1.B Articulation across grade-levels: 1.PS4.B; 2.ETS1.B; 4.ETS1.A

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