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Prof.DA:Cr3 (Arts)

Standard Identifier: Prof.DA:Cr3
Content Area: Arts
Grade Range: Proficient
Discipline: Dance
Artistic Process: Creating
Anchor Standard: 3: Refine and complete artistic work

Enduring Understanding: Choreographers analyze, evaluate, refine, and document their work to communicate meaning
Essential Question(s): How do choreographers use self-reflection, feedback from others, and documentation to improve the quality of their work?
Process Component(s): Revise

Performance Standard(s):
a. Clarify the artistic intent of a dance by manipulating choreographic devices and dance structures based on established artistic criteria and feedback from others. Analyze and evaluate impact of choices made in the revision process. b. Compare and use recognized systems to document a section of a dance (e.g., writing, a form of notation symbols, or using media technologies).

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