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Acc.DA:Cr3 (Arts)

Standard Identifier: Acc.DA:Cr3
Content Area: Arts
Grade Range: Accomplished
Discipline: Dance
Artistic Process: Creating
Anchor Standard: 3: Refine and complete artistic work

Enduring Understanding: Choreographers analyze, evaluate, refine, and document their work to communicate meaning
Essential Question(s): How do choreographers use self-reflection, feedback from others, and documentation to improve the quality of their work?
Process Component(s): Revise

Performance Standard(s):
a. Clarify the artistic intent of a dance by refining choreographic devices and dance structures, collaboratively or independently using established artistic criteria, self-reflection and the feedback of others. Analyze and evaluate impact of choices made in the revision process. b. Develop a strategy to record a dance using recognized systems of dance documentation (e.g., writing, a form of notation symbols, or using media technologies).

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