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Prof.DA:Pr4 (Arts)

Standard Identifier: Prof.DA:Pr4
Content Area: Arts
Grade Range: Proficient
Discipline: Dance
Artistic Process: Performing
Anchor Standard: 4. Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation

Enduring Understanding: Space, time, and energy are basic elements of dance.
Essential Question(s): How do dancers work with space, time and energy to communicate artistic expression?
Process Component(s): Express

Performance Standard(s):
a. Develop partner and ensemble skills that enable contrast while maintaining a sense of spatial design and relationship (e.g., through lifts, balance, or other means). Use space intentionally during phrases and through transitions between phrases. Establish and break relationships with others as appropriate to the choreography. b. Use syncopation and accent movements related to different tempi. Take rhythmic cues from different aspects of accompaniment. Integrate breath phrasing with metric and kinesthetic phrasing. c. Connect energy and dynamics to movements by applying them in and through all parts of the body. Develop total body awareness so that movement phrases demonstrate variances of energy and dynamics.

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