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Adv.MA:Cr3 (Arts)

Standard Identifier: Adv.MA:Cr3
Content Area: Arts
Grade Range: Proficient
Discipline: Media Arts
Artistic Process: Creating
Anchor Standard: 3: Refine and complete artistic work

Enduring Understanding: The forming, integration, and refinement of aesthetic components, principles, and processes creates purpose, meaning, and artistic quality in media artworks.
Essential Question(s): What is required to produce a media artwork that conveys purpose, meaning, and artistic quality? How do media artists refine their work?
Process Component(s): Construct

Performance Standard(s):
a. Synthesize content, processes, and components to express compelling purpose, story, emotion, or ideas in complex media arts productions, demonstrating mastery of associated aesthetic principles, such as hybridization. b. Intentionally and consistently refine and elaborate elements and components to form impactful expressions in media artworks, directed at specific purposes, audiences, and contexts.

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