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PK.MA:Pr5 (Arts)

Standard Identifier: PK.MA:Pr5
Content Area: Arts
Grade: TK
Discipline: Media Arts
Artistic Process: Producing (Media Arts only)
Anchor Standard: 5: Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation

Enduring Understanding: Media artists require a range of skills and abilities to creatively solve problems within and through media arts productions.
Essential Question(s): What skills are required for creating effective media artworks and how are they improved? How are creativity and innovation developed within and through media arts productions? How do media artists use various tools and techniques?
Process Component(s): Practice

Performance Standard(s):
a. Use identified skills, such as manipulating tools, making choices, and sharing, in creating media artworks. b. Use identified creative skills, such as imagining, freely and in guided practice, within media arts productions.

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