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6.VA:Pr6 (Arts)

Standard Identifier: 6.VA:Pr6
Content Area: Arts
Grade: 6
Discipline: Visual Arts
Artistic Process: Presenting (Visual Arts only)
Anchor Standard: 6: Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work

Enduring Understanding: Objects, artifacts, and artworks collected, preserved, or presented either by artists, museums, or other venues communicate meaning and a record of social, cultural, and political experiences resulting in the cultivating of appreciation and understanding.
Essential Question(s): What is an art museum? How does the presenting and sharing of objects, artifacts, and artworks influence and shape ideas, beliefs, and experiences? How do objects, artifacts, and artworks that are collected, preserved, or presented, cultivate appreciation
Process Component(s): Present

Performance Standard(s):
Assess, explain, and provide evidence of how museums or other venues reflect history and values of a community and/or culture.

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