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LIB.K.1.3 (School Library)

Standard Identifier: LIB.K.1.3
Content Area: School Library
Grade: K
Overarching Standard: 1. Students access information

Overarching Standard Description:
The student will access information by applying knowledge of the organization of libraries, print materials, digital media, and other sources.

Identify and locate a variety of resources online and in other formats by using effective search strategies: a. Locate the school library and the library resources. b. Know how, and be able, to check out resources from the school library responsibly. c. Identify, with guidance, two sources of information that may provide an answer to an identified question. d. Distinguish fact from fiction (e.g., “Does this happen in real life?”). e. Identify whom to ask for help in the school library. f. Describe the general organization of the library. g. Identify types of everyday print, media, and digital materials (such as storybooks, poems, newspapers, periodicals), signs, and labels.

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