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LIB.1.1.3 (School Library)

Standard Identifier: LIB.1.1.3
Content Area: School Library
Grade: 1
Overarching Standard: 1. Students access information

Overarching Standard Description:
The student will access information by applying knowledge of the organization of libraries, print materials, digital media, and other sources.

Identify and locate a variety of resources online and in other formats by using effective search strategies: a. Understand how to locate, check out, and care for a variety of library resources, both print and digital. b. Alphabetize to the first letter to locate books in the library. c. Identify basic digital devices and parts of a computer (e.g., DVD player, remote control, digital camera, monitor, power button, keyboard, mouse). d. Identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book, in print and in digital formats, and compare and contrast them. e. Identify the services and resources of the public library. f. Demonstrate correct procedures to turn the computer on and off and open and close applications. g. Identify the characteristics of fiction and nonfiction.

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