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WL.CM4.N (World Languages)

Standard Identifier: WL.CM4.N
Content Area: World Languages
Grade Range: Novice
Strand: Communication
Substrand: Settings for Communication

Recognize opportunities to use age-appropriate, culturally authentic, real-world, and academic language in highly predictable common daily settings within target-language communities in the United States and around the world.

Students use language in highly predictable daily settings (Novice); transactional and some informal settings (Intermediate); most informal and formal settings (Advanced); informal, formal, and professional settings, and unfamiliar and problem situations (Superior) in their communities and in the globalized world. Students recognize (Novice), participate in (Intermediate), initiate (Advanced), or sustain (Superior) language use opportunities outside the classroom and set goals while reflecting on progress, and use language for enjoyment, enrichment, and advancement.

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