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WL.CM5.N (World Languages)

Standard Identifier: WL.CM5.N
Content Area: World Languages
Grade Range: Novice
Strand: Communication
Substrand: Receptive Structures in Service of Communication

Demonstrate understanding of words, phrases (signs and fingerspelling in ASL), and simple sentences on very familiar common daily topics. Use orthography, phonology, ASL parameters, and very basic sentence-level elements (morphology and/or syntax).

Students use the following structures to communicate: sounds, parameters, and writing systems (Novice); basic word and sentence formation (Intermediate); structures for major time frames and text structures for paragraph-level discourse (Advanced); all structures and text structures for extended discourse (Superior). Students use the following language text types to communicate: learned words, signs and fingerspelling, and phrases (Novice); sentences and strings of sentences (Intermediate); paragraphs and strings of paragraphs (Advanced); or coherent, cohesive multi-paragraph texts (Superior).

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